It takes a certain mindset

by @dragondreams

Liner Notes

#fipple #alto_recorder #improvised #stream_of_consciousness #one-take #experimental #meditative
My lovely (battered) Moeck Tuju alto was calling to me this evening. It's been a while since I played it. So this is an experiment in layering two different reverb tails while using ReaTune's output from the recorder track to trigger a Kontakt duduk patch on a second track.


Love that reverb; makes it sound timeless and as if it's echoing around the mountain valleys or something.
A nice contemplative vibe here.
One take improv?!?


Lovely... 'nuff said.


You say you it's been a while, but it is perfectly lovely. It's very relaxing and meditative. I need this at 3am when I can't sleep. Beautiful!




I have no idea what all the tech stuff is, but this is melodic and warm, and really a nice work! :)


It's very pretty. It does sort of take me away. Very relaxing.


You are playing two instruments at once! The Moeck and the duduk sound great together, it is very Far East mountains atmosphere. Unusually for me, having just posted my own track, I'm playing this back through a decent set of speakers and it sound magnificent. Crystal clear with a lovely reverb making it seemingly last forever.....ahhhh, breathe......