Nice To Meet You

by @orbit123

Liner Notes

While listening to some podcast about planting trees
I actually hate nature, you know hanging out there, but let's give it a future


It’s not every day that I talk to any one
Sometimes I plant a tree to watch it
Reach for the sky
And I have all the time in the world
To guess the future
And the future is here

I look at my phone
Someone wants to argue
And that someone can’t seem
To go meta and see
We are wasting our time
Frying our brains with anger
We get paranoid
And we shouldn’t care a dime

So i take my chair
And sit by my oak tree
Watching it grow
Pick me up and burry me
When I dry out
To dust and memories
Drink a toast to the madman in the woods

And i hope the world will be alright
So plant a tree and give the world some life
The world needs lungs – dont need rockets and war
I want a blue sky and a green earth like before


I love Nature, great poignant lyric.
Your singing and the nice aggresive acoustic guitar strumming propels this important message along musically.
I hope nature can endure!
Nice song!