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by @splittybooms

Liner Notes

#vocal_samples #electronic #old_school #hip_hop

Churn'em out.
The usual fun with vocal samples.
Finger drumming.
Various bits and bobs.
(bonus points if you can catch the borrowed hook)
((bonus bonus points if you can name where its from cause I can't remember to save my life))


This is really nice - just a lovely listen, and really well put together. It felt laid back and high energy at the same time, which I realise makes no sense.


Killer music. I wish I could say something really smart and intelligent to describe what I feel and listen to this but I’m at a loss for words. I can’t begin to imagine how to do what you do but I can tell you with certainty that I like listening to it. Really cool stuff.


Splitty, this is just so cool. I love the vocal samples. Fun. Good energy. My ears enjoyed all the details in the headphones. When that bass comes in…
Oh, yes!! Nice man.


I’m imagining your fingers with 80s hair metal hair and a little fan blowing that hair around while you drop this magic…I hope those words are detailed enough so you can see what I’m seeing lol

This mf grooves that cowbell (?) is Bunsen burner lit and I’m so jealous of how you use vocal samples…I’m listening to your style trying to learn everything I can without biting your style….style….redundancy is cool now….style.

I love how this grooves. Makes me smile and tap my toes and bob my stupid head…it’s a sight I’m sure.


Yeah! Yeah! Super cool, you always get me nodding my head to the music. The way you use samples is really great.


This is super cool and so well put together...hits the heights!


Fun song to listen to, upbeat, catchy, with a touch of sadness.


Bobs are my head! Very catchy mesmerizing piece! Very good listen


Show Me Love. That’s what it reminds me of. I’m also getting this Soul II Soul influence, too. And I’m also hearing Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody. Either way, it’s a fanciful dance track that could easily be a nice cool down track…wait. I hear what you did. James Brown’s Funky People Pass the Peas


Totally familiar sounding but I can’t for the life of me recall… Cool track!


I Don't know the hook but the song is catchy toe tapping fun! love that big synth bass line.