For Ricky

by @gubna

Liner Notes

Last night I found out a friend passed. I hadn't talked to him in years. I wouldn't say we weren't ever really close friends, still he was a good dude, and I always enjoyed his positive attitude. He loved music, was a huge Rush fan, and we used to hang out back in the day when my old band was playing a lot. And he was one of the guys who, for years still called me Gubna - even though that is not my actual name! So, I played this one for him.

May his spirit fly free.

(edit: right as I was about to post this, my computer crashed. I'm just going to assume it was Ricky messing with me. Thanks Ricky!)




I had a dream last night about Ricky. He was barfing and some of it got on me. and then I started barfing cause he was! hahah!


thank you @phlex for the video. I recognize that dude.
thank you also to @billwhite51 @cts and @richaaaay for your comments! Most appreciated.

I only got one message about it from our mutual friend, my old drummer - actually the dude who gave me my nickname Gubna. I kind of assumed it happened earlier this week or that he was letting me know after the services. I felt I wanted to do something for him.


Sorry to hear about the passing. There's a lecture worth watching about the relationship of music to death -
worth watching if you have a spare 7 minutes. Interesting that your instrumental kinda backs up what is said in the lecture.

Can feel the grief in the playing - considerate and emotional. Peace to Ricky.


As it has been mentioned, I'm sure Ricky would have appreciated your ode to him. This is a solid arrangement.


i identified with your liner notes as a friend of mine recently passed. he was not a close friend, but we shared a lot of history. it wasnt until he was gone that i realized how important his friendship had been to me. wish i could write something a pretty as this for him.


Cool guitar playing. I’m sure Ricky would appreciate it. It’s nice to connect music to a person. Great way to pay tribute. Sorry for the loss of your friend.