Rock Opera Instrumentals

by @mikeb

Liner Notes

I know I need to create some shorter 'bridge' tunes for my rock opera, so I was doing some fooling around in the studio and found I still had the Arturia Pigments VSTi synth demo version - with 2 'trials' left on it. Incredible synth, but I'm not paying for it, so quickly recorded some simple atmosphere tracks.
There are 4 short separate instrumentals here (2 & 3 run together). In the first (guitar) and last (horns), I used the theme I had created with horns in my earlier song "On the Far Side of the Universe', but in C minor instead of G minor.
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Yeah, I also get a Tangerine Dream vibe from this. Nice pad and lead guitar at beginning. Second section is cool too, bells and rhythm guitar come in nicely (reminds me a little of riders on the storm riff). Next section very nice, kind of reminds me of Vangelis. Excellent!


I'm hearing this as a satisfying blend of Pink Floyd and 70s-era Tangerine Dream. It's an immersive, cinematic sonic experience throughout (I'd be tempted to add a splash of reverb on the high synths in sections B and C just to give them that extra shine). The horns in the final section give things just the right touch of bombast, and those synth stabs are the icing on the cake. Very nicely done!

It's worth keeping an eye on Arturia's site for special offers; they often have Pigments on sale at half price. It's worth getting, in my opinion; it's one of the most powerful VST synths on the market and it's also one of the easiest to understand once you start designing your own sounds. It's a favourite of mine.