Traintime without us

by @sph

Liner Notes

Originally I should be on the #train right now. But since the friends I planned to visit were hit by the big C we had to cancel the visit.
Thus I had time for a bit of music. I do not apologize for using several delays... (seems to fit when thinking of trains)
Drums were added as the last item - might delete them.


Getting strong "The Cure" vibes with this. Definitely keep the drums. The hi-hat makes me think of the hissing of steam (yes, I'm old enough to remember when locomotives were steam-powered; my grandfather worked on the railways all his life.) Driving music, but also relaxing, somehow.

Oh, and never apologise for using delays! They're such a useful part of a guitarist's box of toys!


This has a nice motion to it.
All the Guitar parts mesh very well, while the drums propel it along nicely.
Sweet guitar playing, Very Melodic.
A very nice short piece that could be expanded on!


Nice! For some reason, it sounds like a Cyndi Lauper song to me. I can hear her singing to it. Rolls along very sweetly.


You should tag it with #train. Guess you unintentionally nailed that challenge... without being on a train. So sorry for you! I like all the delays.


This has a really fun, joyful feel. Irresistibly danceable, I almost spilled my tea. The drums do give it a nice train-like clickety-clack... I wonder if you faded them out and then back in, like the train passed through the countryside and back into the city?


The drums seem more like a speeding train into the metro while sans drums could possibly be a train ride admiring the countryside.


I like the musical addition. Gives the feeling of being on a ride and in motion.


i second your motion to lose the drums. their dull metronome effect interferes with the rhythmic interplay of the instruments.


The drums do mimic the feel of being on a train, and there are lots of nice layers here. Nice job.