Heart Tattoo

by @daveyboy103

Liner Notes

A. return to my Irish Celtic roots here, song is in 6/8 timing as well which is also unusual.

As ever I find it hard not to have a hooky chorus, same here. It's a disease with no cure.

What's it about?

Well who knows but it seems to be about love that endures across many lifetimes. My own theory is that if you DO find your real soul mate you are not parted by death, you relive that love over many lifetimes.

My wife is a bit horrified by that thought. :)

#reincarnation #love #celtic #acoustic


Always find my way back to you
Fall in love again, restore that tattoo on my heart
If you want to play those games
Tear us on up, tear us apart

There’s only me and there’s only you
A fatal attraction no matter what we do
Travelling together, time after time
A river to cross a mountain to climb

Your love like tattoo etched on heart
From time to time it fades but it never departs (2)

I return to the scene of the crime
Reliving those moments time after time
Did I kill the love, or did I kill you
I can’t wrk it out no matter what I do

But here you come again, riding over the waves
And love overcomes as it flies from the grave
You will always be my heart tattoo
Always and forever, I always have you


The lyrics, sentiment and music are all lovely Dave! I enjoyed the 6/8 time and Celtic nature of the song. Well done!! (a hooky chorus is great!!)


Love the jumpiness of the rhythm, which I can only assume is the 6/8ishness. The chorus is really memorable, words and music. Love the personal nature and the intensity.


Very mystical, daveyboy! I enjoyed this!


Nice. Feels very deep. Music and rhythm has a great storytelling feel to it. Love the passion and the extremes of the song.


The Orthodox belief is that a sacramental marriage is eternal… love the title - perhaps the only appropriate place for a tattoo - lol! Really cool song!


I tend to believe this too, or in my dreams it all makes sense. I love the "did I kill the love, or did I kill you"! Good song!


the song was chilling, as my wife has the same ideas as you describe in your liner notes. she thinks we have been through this over several lifetimes and something always goes wrong and we have to find each other again. i love the separtation of the acoustic guitars here, and the story of the song develops in a way that draws you in and jeeps you hooked.