You Hardly Touch Me Anymore

by @alyssacrouzetpascal

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

#indie_rock #emo #lo_fi #alternative #alternative_rock #girl_with_piano #queer

ive taken the demo down temporarily because i’m reworking it


Back turned to me in your bed
your shoulder blade cuts into my neck
I need so badly to be close to you.
I’ve been chasing that high that I’ll never feel again
You feel so far away even though I’m laying next to you
I feel like I’m alone in your room
Crying silently, cause I don’t want to wake you
3am I say I’m going out for a cigarette
And you judge me so harshly like I hadn’t even seen yet
And when I come back inside you’ve somehow gotten colder
As I try to cuddle up to your bony shoulder
The next morning I wake up alone
I wander aimlessly around your home
But I can’t find you anywhere
I break down crying as I walk down the stairs
Your mother says you just stepped outside
I run out front, breathing a relieved sigh
You’re standing by the front porch, smoking a bowl
You made me some coffee but you drank it all
2 more hours til you drive me to work
But I’m feeling dizzy and my stomach hurts.
Sending me off all hungry and sore
I’m withdrawing badly, I’m starving for more.
I need to be near you desperately
I want you wrapped around me endlessly


great craft in this - your choice of melodic exploration gives me joy. this has a real good charm to it, can tell the emotion is in this, your vocal delivery is great. that piano riff that plays through has a sentimental kinda feel. excellent work with this. the subtle melody and the lyrics work together so well. i hope i dont offend with these following words, but im getting vibes of Say Anything, a band i really liked when i was younger and still come back to from time to time.