(can't think of a title #1)

by @splittybooms

Liner Notes


I use vocal samples often, but I used to use guitar samples a lot too. Its been kinda fun messing with them again while playing along in The Sample Wars.
This is just a simple track with not too much going on.
2 different guitar samples manipulated, handful of vocal samples, the simplest of drum programming (kick snare kick snare), and bass (for all of like 8 bars lol).
Hey it counts toward 50 so its all good.


Really nice manipulation of the guitars. And hey, sometimes doing things the simple way is more effective than making it more complicated. The kick snare kick snare works, and that's what matters. Everything else packed in with it sounds so good and it works really well with everything combined.


Man you got those guitar samples sounding super nice! The simplest of drum programming is quite elegant honestly. Excellent entry into the splitty-verse


Yes! Love it! The beat is sweet! Btw, one of my songs is called “The No Name Song” - all I could think of - lol!


Great sampling! Love that high vocal being answered by the little synth riff. Strong title too 😂


can't think of a title #1! lmao that's great. that's the kinda stuff for a concept EP...that was a devastating blow! this is so smooth and got my head bobbin, foot tappin, knee slappin', hee-hawwwin'...so many cool sounds....i wanna cry this is so cool...*in the distance* "MEDIC!!!!"


I always love how you are able to manipulate samples and create such cool music. I like the “simplicity” of this titleless track a lot. It flows really well and the sections and motifs work so well with each other.