Could You

by @orbit123


Intro Am Cmaj7 Em D/f# G X 2

E-very- body’s got a reason to fall in love
Take a walk in the park and be with the one you’re dreaming of

No one lives for ever, got a limited amount of time
But noone wants to think thereof

And I’ve been thinking about you babe
If I could call you that, I’d be the happiest person I know of

And if I could put my arms around you and hold you tight
And lift you up and make you feel loved

Dsus4 -6-2

Could you – if I said what’s in my heart


Everybody needs a reason to fall in love
No ones got the formula to survive when you are all alone

I must admit I enjoy my own happiness
But would you care to join me in my bitterness

Could you – if I told you you’re in my heart

Time flies by and I dream away
I built a house but I can’t stay in this solitude

Do you need any reason to fall in love
And would it help if I told you that I love you

Could you

Kingdom of my heart


Really feeling the strong sway back and forth from your strumming.
Great buildups with the "Could you - " sections, digging that a lot; lots of emotion there.
Yeah I'm loving the feel to this; reminds me of songs that got me into indie rock/pop stuff. This is the kind of track that would have gone immediately into my playlist during my early exploration genre exploration days.
Love the "ooohs", too.
The vocals here have a lot of emotion in them, too, and that paired with the lovely guitar just makes this an awesome track.
Loved my listen.


Nice rhythm to the song. I like the passion in the vocal. Great playing. Good work.


Really dreamy and the couplets work a treat on the urgency to relate this great feeling. Some wisdom in these terse lyrics. It just bounces! Well done. Really enjoyed my listen!