Down to the Stream

by @beacon @cindyrella

Liner Notes

@cindyrella wrote these lovely lyrics ( and I was just taken by the peacefulness of the thought of being near fresh water, so I went down to the pond near my house and came up with these chords and this melody. I wanted to keep it really simple and try to make the accompaniment sound a bit like water flowing.

Hope I did it justice!

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Lyrics ©2022 Cindy Prince
Music ©2022 Ken Mattsson/BeaconBeats Music

There's a [I] noise in my head
I [vi] want to scream
So I [I] head down the [ii] path
To the [V7] beautiful [I] stream

There's [I] monsters near
Too [vi] close in dreams
So I [I] walk down the [ii] trail
To the [V7] sweet flowing [I] stream

[vi] All I hear now is the [V] rush of [vi] water
It [IV] sings along with the [V7] birds
With[IV]out a [iii] doubt it [ii] makes me [iii7] stronger
I can't [ii] easily [V] put it into [I] words

[iii] Rushing water
[ii] Gushing [iii7] flow
When I am [vi] sad
It's [ii] where I [V7] go

There's [I] too much violence
On my [vi] TV screen
So I [I] journey on [ii] down
To the [V7] magical [I] stream

There's [I] too much discord
I [vi] need a new theme
So I [I] hurry right [ii] down
To the [V7] wonderful [I] stream



A very classic sound to this, I can imagine you sitting in a canoe in the water, strumming the uke to a fair damsel holding a parasol over her delicate head to shade the sunlight.


Lovely treatment of @cindyrella's lyrics. What a successful collab. Thank you so much for your comments on When Love Ends. I thought @adambeiter's vocal and instrumental treatments perfectly matched what I was hoping to find for this lyric.


Perfect match. Ken has such soothing voice, the slow strums ate just flowing like the lyrics. I still ponder if the magical stream in the TV verse is the internet or a river. Could be both!


Like that lilting melody and the way it feels like the flow of a stream and even gets a little dammed up at the bridge. Sweet lyrics and a nice stream bed for the words to flow through.


Simply and effectively done...totally echoing the serenity of the words...


I'd say that justice is definitely done! Lovely.


So beautiful - a perfect match a lovely lyrics and gorgeous music!


Lovely. I am certainly getting the sense of flowing water - especially when you speed up at the bridge to match the "Rushing water/Gushing flow" imagery. Excellent collab you two!

See You In The Shadows…


So lovely. I think you've more than done it justice. I feel a calming meditation album in the works from you thus 50/90! Really, we all could use one. I'll second @billwhite51 with the Dowland feel, which is so appropriate for you. @cindyrella created a wonderful juxtaposition of images with the "rushing waters" and images on the TV screen. What a great collab!


rush of water is such a nice onomatopoeia that really comes out in the sung vocal. nice simple straight delivery, lyrically and musically. nice collab


What a beautiful tenor vocal you have Ken! Cindy’s lyrics are inspiring. I love how you went to nature to create. Lovely collab! Good for the soul ❤️


Very interesting approach, taking these dark, introspective, troubled lyrics and turning them into a gentle almost-lullaby, transforming the pain into something beautifully contemplative. And it absolutely works! A wonderful combining of talents that creates something very unique and memorable!


i dont think i have ever heard cindy's lyrics encased in such an elegant mount.
this has a john dowland feel to it. despite the jarring fact that, unlike we modernists, he lived without a television.


This definitely has a flowing feel to it. Seems that pond by your house had the inspiration you sought.


Perfect! So calming, so pretty, so wonderful! So beautiful! Thank you so much!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for recording one of @cindyrella 's songs. I had already commented on these lyrics and mentioned hoping more people would start putting her always-wonderful lyrics to music. You did a great job on this--she is always inspiring!


very nice imagery in the lyrics and ken slow delivery just accentuates each word.
Well done you 2.


This reminds me so much of being in Wales which is full of magical streams. The sound of them is so calming, like this song. Well done!


This is gorgeous!
I'm listening with my first coffee of the day while bathed in sunshine. And this is a perfect accompaniment, setting me up perfectly for the day.
We all need a magical stream.
Great collab from you two. 👌


It is a good lyric Cindy and this is a really good delivery of it Ken - Hope for better times i hear in here!


So soothing, both in lyrics and musical delivery. I feel like I'm being embraced by nature! A lovely collaboration!