Sleep and Wake up, Wake Up and Sleep

by @splittybooms

Liner Notes

@nahlej381 and @djtjb have waged The Sample Wars.
I feel like some weak feeble province shaking their fist in the air and shouting with a puny voice "I'll fight, too!"
I'm like Hans Moleman.
Well, this is just my first test shot with an old pre-war...I dunno...musket or some kind of defunct weapon.
I sampled Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes' Wake Up Everybody a long long time ago and never used it.
So I dusted it off and chopped it up in different ways and stuff. I also used a guitar sample from Splice and pitched and chopped it in different ways.
Finger-drummed some simple patterns, made a very simple 808 bassline, and called it a day.
Forgive the mix and the bad timing in spots. Ya' boy lazy.


Man this is so smooth. One of the things I love about sampling is, this song has been samples plenty of times, but each one is so different. So cool how you can put your own spin on it. It's a gift for sure. This is a very original take on it and I love it. Also I used to sample classic soul all the time and you have inspired me to dip back in to that 😁


Cool flow with the bass and guitar. The vocal samples have your usual expert touch - liked the section that gave the track its title.


*taking cover* dang dude you comin hard…I’m gonna get sample killed and my sample country will be sample taken over.

I love every single beat of this. Just feels good start to finish. I shoulda known better to engage you in combat…guess I’ll die on this hill right here.


Simple and elegant - lovely flow with the vocal sample - harks back slightly to the 90's big beat movement. The beat is crispy cool, sitting in the pocket and keeping everything else in check while the guitar and bass do a little dance together. Production is tight as usual - lovely low end with the bass notes - some sweet rumbling action! Feels like a sweet summertime jam!