Sorry To Hear You're Going

by @jtsteam

Liner Notes

I promise I'm leaving this topic alone after this, but I couldn't resist another bit of #topical #ukulele #fuc.

I was thinking of Tom Paxton's "Ballad of Spiro Agnew". It is a touch longer.


Sorry to hear that you're going
But before you finally leave
I'd like to make a little speech
To thank you for all you achieved

There was that time you...
Oh no, that was someone else
Or the good things you did for the...
No, I'm confused again

Well anyway
Thanks for the time that you served
It's great to see that your efforts
Have got you what you deserved

Our thoughts turn now to the future
We wish you the best of luck
And thinking of who will replace you
I'm sure it's going to be fine

Very witty. I like how subtle you are. Well crafted and funny.


"I'd like to make a little speech" kind of reminds my of those lists of world's shortest books. (E.g. “America’s Most Popular Lawyers”)


More @jtsteam brilliance. Love how understated this is.

clever, pythonish send-off. i imagine a chorus of your countrymen joining in ,to bid him goodbye.

Here in Australia our recently-voted-out PM gave himself a nickname. I hear that your recently-reluctantly-resigning PM did something similar. There was really no need for names in that song - very clear message. Nice.

ha, hilarious, and from what I know, very on target!!! love those little pauses and asides in the first verse... really great performance!

A fabulous farewell waltz!

Ha! This is delightful and fun. Wonderful uke and great melody. Love it!

😂 I’m suggesting this to my wife. Their school’s headmaster is retiring.

Brilliant. Simple and humorous and clear lyrics without getting into detail. The second verse really had me laughing. I'm not familiar with "The Ballad of Spiro Agnew", but will check it out!

This is the kind of song that would be so much fun if it weren't quite so true, except for your last line when I'm pretty sure your first thought was the correct one.

Nicely done, though. I'm just having to stay away from politics at the moment because... well... I'm sure it's going to be fine.