So Far (young Billie's song)

by @mikeb

Liner Notes

Those who have followed me on FAWM the last 2 years may remember that I am working on a rock opera - with about 15 songs at this point, still have a long way to go!
After listening to 'Tommy' again, I realized I need some songs that introduce each character as they appear or become crucial to the plot line.
This one would be sung by the main character, Billie - who, at 9 years old, has come home from school to find that his parents have been taken away by the 'authorities' for playing rock and roll (banned in this dystopian future), and they are about to take him away to the 'orphanage' (Wetherton Home for Abandoned Children).
One track of regular uke, 2 tracks of my Kali baritone uke plugged into a Line 6 amp with distortion and stereo flanging plus bass and single vocal track.


So Far (young Billie's song) © 2022 Michael J Birch

I can’t remember a day
When dad wasn’t here for me
Gave me my first uke
When I was only three

Now there’s just empty space
All I’ve got are his old guitars
Have to keep them hidden away
Did he know things would go so far?

I can’t remember a day
When mom wasn’t here for me
The voice of an angel
And she taught me to sing

Now there’s just empty space
Keeping memories hidden is hard
They’re waiting to take me away
Did she know things would go so far?


Clever mix of that pure uke sound and that dirty guitar. You certainly capture the dystopian nightmare that poor Billie finds himself in. Looking forward to hearing more of the opera.


Definitely some Floyd-ism vibe in there. Just the right approach for this character intro--the delicate uke makes us think of the child that's still there, but the boiling amped-up stuff maybe hints that he's rapidly growing out of childhood as well as reflecting his anger and frustration at the injustice.


That's lovely! Love the idea of a rock opera. I want to hear it all!


This is very good. Amazing sounds from your ukulele. A Pink Floyd feel to the vocals too.


I've been waiting for these songs. I wasn't sure if you had finished. I like these lyrics. They set up the character nicely. Can't wait to hear the demo!