Grannies In The Park

by @mandolinda

Liner Notes

This is my usual once a week activity. There's about 10-15 persons involved. We added up our cumulative ages, and found out we were 1000+. Whew!
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Mrs. Jones gets ready to go out
she leaves her breakfast dishes there
Mrs. Sandler, packs some muffins in a sack
And she grabs a folding chair

every Wednesday a group of old friends
set up a circle somewhere
there's no special time, but everyone knows
someone will always be there.

they come and they go
someone may be away
but everyone hates to miss it
as the morning carries on,
they sit and sew
they talk and they visit

they're just happy to be there

some come with projects they've been working on
to show to the other ladies
some get out their phones, and pass them around
to show photos of the new grandbabies
there's always some container with cookies or baked goods
sharing food and laughs in the sunshine
it's a grand way to spend part of the day
enjoying old friends who are your lifeline

One by one they drift away
Mrs. Lee volunteers in health care
Mrs. Win helps out at the hospice
and sits with someone there

Someone else works out of her home
Doing custom sewing for others
and many are busy just being
full time caring, loving grandmothers

some of the ladies live alone,
in small apartments they call home
some live with their families
but like time away for their sanity

no matter where you go, no matter how you think
they add up to a thousand years
a thousand years of toil and tears
and a thousand years of cheers.
a thousand years of heartfelt cheers.


This is such a great slice of life song, it's catchy but also paints such a clear picture of your group. This feels like a group I'd love to be a part of, very nice work! #tit4tat


You paint a very good and detailed picture in this song. I like the rhyming of 'fairies' and 'sanity' and the laughter in your voice as you sing it. The single line 'they're just happy to be there' stands out, it's very clear and melodic and touching. The final verse though could make you tear up, it's a celebration and an acknowledgement of the lives that you are describing so well. #tit4tat


When I grow older, I want to do this. Just sitting in the park and have a nice chat with friends. I like how you described the situation. Quite lively with an uplifting vibe in the music, too.