The Magic of Love

by @musicsongwriter

Liner Notes

I can imagine this piece as a hymn to love, the magic of love, love which can make miracles come true... It could be a song of one person or a duet of a couple in love, it might start with the backing singers followed by the solo singing accomapnied by the piano/with other added instruments, a wedding song/a wedding anniversary song, a song about people reunited, etc. This music also seem to have some meditation feel. Anyway, it's just me thinking aloud. Everyone hears music differently and I'm always interested in seeing what my music sounds like.
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© 2022 Nadia Cripps
Update: Andrea is working on the lyrics for this piece. Stay tuned :)


Could be.


This is so full of joy and happiness. It dances in my heart! I love it. I would like to write something for this. I don't know if I can, but I would like to try. Please let me know if it's available 😊 Thanks


This feels uplifting and is another very lovely song!


I agree it does sound like a song for a celebration. It certainly is an absorbing piece and, as you say, has a meditative feel. Lovely music for a summer day.