After The Heat

by @headfirstonly

Liner Notes

#vocaloid #pop #experimental # guitar-harmonies

Another try-out with Plogue's "Alter Ego" vocaloid plugin. The "Marie Ork" voice seems to struggle with pronouncing certain words a lot more than the default voice does, but as the whole thing is available for free I can't really complain.


Now the heat has gone
I can carry on
Doing the things I want to do

It is such a boon
My guitar strings stay in tune
like they did when they were new

The gently falling rain
made the garden green again
The sky and I no longer blue

I might be staying cool
but I still play the fool
I hope that you can do so too


Cool. very interesting guitar sound and vocal effect.


I've never heard of the plugin, Very interesting. I could see it being useful for adding some high harmonies to my own tracks without needing to mess around with shift-pitching and format-shifting my own voice. Worth a try at least.

New toys, oh boy. That never turns bad me. ;)


Sounds like you're having fun with the Alter Ego plugin. Nice vocal melody and mostly pretty coherent for a vocaloid. Very light and poppy sound.


it must be fun to play with these apps. prince has taken voice modulation to some fascinating places, so it is clear to me that this type of thing can be used to advantage. ill reserve my initial impressions and look forward to where marie otk takes you on the next outing.


I was popping on the site real quick and saw your vocaloid tag, never clicked something so fast.
Marie Ork is what I use all the time (well most of the time...Bones still makes an appearance ever so often), myself...yes...its a challenge to get clear words and it can become quite frustrating. I've scrapped entire ideas simply because its incoherent. I've had to break words up into small separate syllables sometimes, as that can often help. Also messing with the two settings after the volume knob (can't recall their labels at the moment) helps it say things faster and not as dragged out. Honestly, you got it sounding good here in my opinion.
Sucks the heat you all have been getting. I'm glad you and Marie are getting some relief. I didn't think about the weather's affect on instruments. Makes me remember my days in marching band and how we'd have to re-tune the snares and toms every morning due to the cold.
Anyway, I feel like I can understand this specific vocaloid better because of how much I use it and I really like the melody you've used it for. I wonder...what would a duet with you two sound like??? (hint hint)
This is light and airy sounding with the lead guitars and I love the crunchy rhythm guitar.
I get a picture of a happy robot emerging from their recharge pod/station now that the heat is gone and they don't have to worry about overheating their CPUs.
This particular vocaloid bank always seems to spark melancholy in me when longer notes are used for the melody like you have here, so it gives me a feel that the relief is bittersweet as the robot has missed out on so much of the summer already and now its almost over.