Much Too Hot

by @headfirstonly

Liner Notes

#experimental #vocaloid #prog #guitars #alter-ego #play-with-delay #weird

Plogue's free "Alter Ego" VST handling the vocal duties. Heavyocity's "Evolve Mutations", NI's "Massive" and "Form" synths, and lots of my trusty Strat. I love dotted eighth-note delays, as you have probably noticed by now.






Good plug in, there is a touch of asiany feel in there! All works very well!


I wasn't aware of an Alter Ego VST that could sing for you! This is cool. I think you might be having too much fun in your music room!


That 'Alter Ego' plugin doesn't sound too bad for a vocaloid type thing. Interesting blend of guitars and synths.