by @splittybooms

Liner Notes

#hip_hop #vocal_samples
For yet another session at the DAW, I'm making jive turkey instead of working on stuff I'm supposed to be. Sorry, @megamind homies.
This is just...some stuff. I dunno. Gotta get 50.
I'm hearing some old school rapper on this and I got someone in mind but I'm too lazy to make it right and present it.


Damn that is some boom bap for sure. This is absolutely stellar as usual. You use vocal samples in a way I can only dream of.


Whoa. Have to echo the previous comments about this as a totally banging track. That kick drum is *lethal*. This is full to the brim of ear candy and yet there's plenty of space to let the track breathe and your vocalist of choice do their thing.


Dude this is dope as h-e-double hockey sticks! Ooooo that chord pad with the do do da do do riff. Mmmmmmm mmmmm good. Givin me something to work towards…you inspired me to do those sample based chop songs I posted recently,I’ve been studying your vocal chops and general coolness for a while now….this song confirms I still have a long way to go. Goin in for round 2…dude, you went IN on this MF.


LOL to jive turkey. Is that like a lunch meat for doodling on the DAW? 😀 This has some solid beats and an outstanding mix that is sooo well balanced coming through my monitors. Deffo wants an old skool rapper


Yeah - last train to groove-central - great use of cutup vocal samples - so catchy how they flip in and float over the crunch of the main beat. While the laid back beat puts me in the chill mode, the solo synth kicks it up a notch at times - feeling the old school vibe with that sound. Lovely!


this one bangs for sure. That deep bass is great and that change up half way is sick. I think someone has said it already but getting daft punk vibes at that stage. Very cool instrumental indeed.


I like this - a bit of a different feel from most of what I've heard from you this year, Can definitely imagine a rap over this. Some of the vocal processing is giving me a Daft Punk vibe. That synth line that comes in halfway through is really nice.


all kinds of groovy here. That change at 114ish is sweet.