GIMME15chance: Arithmomania

by @wolfkier @berni1954 @dzdandcunfsd @ferry0123 @heliosonorous @intoyourlight @nancycunning @sbs2018 @sunnymae

Liner Notes

This is the second of 2 GIMME15s a group of us worked on In April-May 2022 after FAMW.
I just finished adding the final details. Thanks to all who participated it was great and I for one am very very proud of the result of a great collaborative experience. #GIMME15

Thanks SOOOOOOO much to all the participants who trusted my madness (despite their best instincts) to create something like this I hope is a record of our time together and something we can all be proud of... :)

I'm sure there are loads of mistakes on the video credit titles etc. My head isn't working right now. It was all I could do to finish the songcredit titles on the video and prepare this upload..... If you find a mistake, wrong credit, spelling, etc, please drop me a note and I'll collect all errors and do a fix edit in a few days from now. I believe that all contributions are noted on the video as they occur in the track's progress.

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Itr's a kinda morphy, corpsy, collaby, skirmishy kind of thing that might be chaos in progress and result but I think everyone who's been involved in each of the 5 parts so far, bless them, has found the final result far beyond the sum of it's part. All who want to play, by some kinda weird rules, are more than welcome to bring their talents to the lunacy that is the GIMME15project.

You can find the other post FAWM GIMME15 (GIMME15hank) which included 18 participants here:

You can find (and download for free) mastered audio for parts 1 through 5 on the GIMME15 website here:

Please take a minute to subscribe to our GIMME15 bandcamp, youtube, etc and share these with your friends. There's almost 2 months worth of work represented here by some of our most talented members!
Love you


The lyrics are a mess, sorry, usually I do a big script for these but in my current health condition (see here : I just can't cope with the detail involved. All the lyrics/notes/etc I do have are on the bandcamp song page and I have some others, if some intrepid beautiful soul would like to work on compiling a script lyric sheet for this, please contact me and I'll give you what I got and help as much as I can but in the mean time it'll have to stay like this, sorry.


This is a cool kind of crazy compilation centered around a few recurring themes and as someone with a brain that seems to work differently with numbers, parts of it resonate. Also I am wondering if it is like walking by and experiencing different views, perspectives, and reflections on a 3d sculpture in a public space. Well done everyone!


Every time I walk into a dark room in an art museum, I expect this to be looping on the screen. So honored to get to play in this sandbox.


Nice to see how this all ended up, great job putting this all together!


This is intense and well done. Excellent!


The video footage at 2.57 works so well with the music.. a perfect fit! Thanks again for your hard work resulting in a top job! Such an audio-visual experience.


Wow, this is phenomenal and took me right in. I may never be the same! Fabulous creation all!


This was fascinating! I don't think I saw this once it was all put together, but saw a fairly rudimentary version? That or I was in the grasps of a loopy fever myself around that time. I really enjoyed this a lot. It seemed shorter than it is, and kept me entranced throughout.


That was intense but oddly therapeutic? I suppose I have a very mild version of this as well. This felt like some educational film from the 50's but with a psychedelic twist. Another fascinating piece.


Wow, that was strangely compelling. You had me hooked all the way through. I might exhibit certain signs of mild arithmomania, now that I think about it


Don't they say there's madness in brilliance? lol! Quite brilliant, I think. So fun to be a part of this.