by @alyssacrouzetpascal

Liner Notes

#indie_rock #indie_pop #alternative_rock #acoustic #demo #rock #pop #emo


I guess that’s fine with me
Maybe I’m just overthinking
I’ve been smoking too much weed
Just to keep myself from drinking

We make plans for when he’s gone
But then you say you might move to Florida
“As in, moving there with him?” I say
And you talk in circles and you won’t answer me straight

Things aren’t quite the same after that
The mood is gone, your kisses fall flat
Your body spray doesn’t mask your stench
and for some reason your car smells like piss

You complain about him all the time
You say he’s gonna leave you soon
And this time i actually want to be with you
but you say you’re not ready for anything

so we’ll keep on meeting up in secret
late at night, in the back of your car
and I’ll try to be alright and tell myself this will suffice


The funky guitar in the beginning sounds great, with your voice riding on top.
Then the song shifts into hard strums and some spoken word, interesting change.
Some powerful lines in the lyric as well.


This is definitely acoustic emo, and really well done at that -- love the chord structure.