Blame Game

by @standup

Liner Notes

A song about how wrong the world has gone. That's just what came to mind when I sat down to write.


never ever turn our backs
Waiting for the sly attack
Never saying what we mean
Never waken from the dream

Always praying for our best
Never pass the simple test
Always waiting never act
Never face the simple facts

Never take the blame
never admit it’s all a game

corruption and abuse
always trading tooth for tooth

never take the blame
never admit it’s a game

At the scene of the crime
Always by our own design
Never give up what we can
We hold on to our demands

Never get too far
Never far from where we’ve been
Never win, chances are
Never take a risk again


Your voice has something of the Ben Folds about, it sounds awesome. Love the earnest sadness of this song - well, apart from the fact that what you're singing about is depressing - but it is good to be singing about it. The production sounds really cool too. Came here because of the song recommendation thread.


Wow, very spacy and so apt for these times. Sonically it reminds me of Mazzy Star, rich and great vocals. Thanks for this, great start to my day.


Holy dreampop, Batman! That delay is delicious, the melody tugs at the ear, the guitar is grungy goodness all around. Definitely one of my favorites this year.


Wow, these synths in the background are beautiful! Love the chorus, the impact of the heavy guitars, the solo in the second part. A Wonderful song I’ll come back to!


Like the slow pace! nice synth hiding in there and the guitars are right up my street as always! thought provoking lyric as often with your songs! Very cool!


Yeah, Eric -I totally get it. I’ve mused this sentiment many times. I hear it in your vocal delivery. I dig the 60s rock pop vibe. I like the guitar mix; gelling effortlessly with the bass. I’m going to go in for a second time and pay closer attention to the arrangement.


woah, that bassy synth is so enveloping - from the first note it just seems to wrap around you. this is phat! drums sound great - the cymbal sustain adds so much impact when needed. the big guitar breakdown has the right amount of power - sitting on the threshold. i like how the vocals sits in the mix, great stuff!


A powerful piece indeed. One that lights a fire under all of us, one that only grows in intensity. A tight lyrical write with all the punch of a parade full of placards, only much more cohesive.


That wonderful and melodic menace you've conjured up reminds me a bit of one of my favorites, Richard Thompson. (tho the solo is more Neil Young perhaps!) Powerful and thoughtful lyric and music--- great work all around- really well done!


Nice. Heavy. Love the synth and guitars.


Seems like a refection of today's world. Love that aggressive guitar solo. Chorus is a winner!