Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

by @kurtiskanttila

Liner Notes

I woke up this morning and had an idea I needed to record. I got home from a rather crazy day at work and had a few rum & cokes while recording this. I just wanted to have something to upload, good or bad.

#Rock #GuitarSolo


I swear to God I'm serious
This ain't a Love Gun situation
'cuz I got no time for innuendo
So won't you please believe me babe

I can't explain how I got it
You know every piece of tech is tapped
and Obama'd throw me in prison
But girl you know my mission

I got something for you
That you've always wanted to ride
I'm gonna park it double wide
Stop laughing, are you five?

Take a ride inside
My Oscar Mayer Wienermobile
There's plenty room, no lie
It's my Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

Yes my dream car's an '80 Z28
and driving land yachts is my personality trait
But wait until you get a feel
For my Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

"Drive My Car" ain't about cars
But this song is literal
I got the keys so I'mma
Hotdogger and drive

I was pelted with mustard
By some Albertan bastard
and now I'm being chased by the law
In beautiful Moose Jaw

Skipper is on the wiener cycle
and Snoopy's in the hot dog plane
and we need a driver for the Wie-MW
Is that you?

Take a ride inside
My Oscar Mayer Wienermobile
There's plenty room, no lie
It's my Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

There's a bed, a toilet and even a stove
and of course there's hotdogs coming out the nose
Nobody can possible hate this thing
It's the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

Sir we have you surrounded
Step outside the sandwich

Oh my God, he just called it a sandwich
That's a score for the team!
I have to phone Skipper and tell him
That he was wrong, wrong, wrong
Before we rip through this tunnel
and we're gone, gone, gone



So much fun to listen to your song. It's energetic, engaging, memorable and fun, fun, fun. Great vocals and playing. Everything is a treat to listen to.


Awesome intro! The song jumps. Vocals sound good. Cowbell sounds good. Yeah the drums coming through nicely with your microphone. Great job on this. Oh love to Oscar Mayer hook


The Canadianna references are great - as are those guitar tones & your wonderfully fun vocals. The song reminds me of Sloan for some reason. Though I think a lot of your music has reminded me of them over the years. Did I ever tell you about the time they dropped into the pool here in K-Town? I kept looking at the one guy sitting in the hot tub & thinking "Man that looks like Chris Murphy from Sloan, but it couldn't be…" So I finally asked him, & sure enough it was. Their tour bus had broken down & they were staying the night at the hotel across the street from the Rec Centre (the Inn Of The Woods, the big, tall round one that had a massive fire three years ago). I was blown away. But it was cool just to talk with them & pick their brains about music & the life of Canadian Musicians on the road. Anyway, that was a rabbit hole, wasn't it 😆 Loved this track & loved the catchy chorus. But I think my favourite part was that toned-down, almost self-reflective intro. Awesome song Kurtis!

See You In The Shadows…


This is 4 minutes and 43 seconds of epic. From the retro guitar tone to those theatrical vocals to the entire structure and flow of the song. Your lyrics are hysterical, and that solo is absolutely killer. Amazing work.


This is hilarious. Fave line: "Stop laughing, are you five?" Getting 70s KISS vibes from the chorus and bridge, which is always good. The "eat this!" solo kills in all its 70s hard rock glory, as I knew it would. Great!


That intro guitar sound is awesome.
The entire intro is awesome.
This entire song is awesome.
You know, you often give me Zappa vibes; not in your sound, but in the way you pair exemplary musicianship with hilarious and bizarre lyrics.


this song really.. ah.. cuts the mustard! :) Hilarious, what a great idea and you ran with it all the way--- great fun, and I think there should be a video! :)

what a fun blast! and great '70's style playin! its like bad company and spinal tap had a baby! :)


Love the energy of the music. Awesome solo! This was so funny and fun. Haven't had the chance to see the Wiernermobile, but I did see the LL Bean Duck Boot a couple years ago.


lovely lush start up and riff this would be a ripper live another really cool song! and that weiner mobile hah!


First time I saw such a vehicle I thought somebody's kidding but there seems to be an interesting background story. I'd laugh so hard of they play it when they're delivering. The solo is cool!
P.S. Isn't it Wiener? Because of the sausages?!


Hah! Yes, I'm five. This had me smiling throughout.

I was a kid riding along with my grandpa who drove cross country. Somewhere around Amarillo the wiener mobile got in line with three other trucks and stuck with us until Albuquerque. People were going nuts when they saw that thing on the road. Ladies were flashing it; people were hanging out of the window screaming and taking pictures, etc. I can only imagine some strange things have happened like your song here while driving that thing.


im gonna trade in my bitchin' camaro for this hot dog weiner mobile.