Fat and Pretty

by @deylavey

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

I hate hearing “You’re not fat; you’re pretty” you can be both. It’s really fatphobic and unhelpful to equate any type of fat to ugliness.



Fat and beautiful
Ain’t mutually exclusive
Everybody needs to know how
Fatphobic this is

Stop claiming that you’re worried about other peoples health
You don’t know their life or routine,
Just worry bout yourself

You can be Fat and pretty
Skinny and unhealthy
Gorgeous but ugly inside

You can be skinny and lonely
Beloved and chubby
Sexy in any size


Great topic well done. It's hard to break stereotypes and prejudices. We need more lyrics and songs like this.


This is a great set of lyrics. Relatedly, there's BMI being nonsense, and how clothing models are radically different sizes than men's magazine models. (Some people complain about being fat when they're model-sized -- just men's magazine model-sized and not fashion magazine model-sized.) Though those are both topics that should probably have their own songs. Hmm...


Yes..people can be judgmental. It's great that you highlighted the issue. Nice job Deyla