Lucy and Mary

by @andygetch

Liner Notes

Writing along with the Sunday night @unknownbecky #twitch stream. The consensus-among-viewers prompt was 'A sad song about unicorns and rainbows in the style of Leonard Cohen'. Also discussed what making Nashville the setting, tea sommelier, and a reference to one or more Leonard Cohen songs. So I got out my tuned down to BEADF#B #classical_guitar , and this is what I wrote in the hour, including some Leonard chord borrowing. Recorded #acoustic_one_take after the end of the livestream.


[Em(Am)] Lucy believed in [C(F)] unicorns
[Em(Am)] From the day her sister [C(F)] Mary was born
[Em(Am)] Then she saw a [A(D)] rainbow
[G(C)] Outside her first [D(G)] John Prine show

[Em(Am)] Walking up to the [C(F)] Ryman
[Em(Am)] A busker slipped up [C(F)] beside them
[Em(Am)] Somewhere over the rainbow by a [A(D)] bus stop
[G(C)] Just outside the cowboy [D(G)] boot shop

[Badd#9(Eadd#9)] What's real
[Aadd11(Dadd11)] What's imagined
[Em(Am)] For a tea sommelier
[B(E)] extracting spice from [Em(Am)] oranges

[Em(Am)] The busker sipped his [C(F)] orange tea
[Em(Am)] Remembered the sommelier's [C(F)] prophecy
[Em(Am)] Heated water that [A(D)] whistles
[G(C)] Bruises and cuts from sidewalk [D(G)] thistles

[Em(Am)] Unicorns have [C(F)] rainbows in them
[Em(Am)] Millions of children [C(F)] with millions of dreams
[Em(Am)] Until the day they [A(D)] can't unsee
[G(C)] Shaken til they [D(G)] no longer believe

Repeat Chorus

[Em(Am)] Lucy took the bus then [C(F)] walked past the streetlight
[Em(Am)] Remembered where a cowboy took away [C(F)] Mary that night


As you know I am an often Cohen writer! This is there! Captures it well. I see the style for sure and the sparse guitar lifts it my head heard a slight beat


So I had to come over from @ductapeguy to hear your version. You have such a great storytelling voice - you really draw the listener in. Nicely done.


My first FAWM I had a skirmish prompt on Leonard Cohen who I didn't know. It was damn hard, because he is so versatile. I think you caught the essence of his late songs, this beautiful melancholy with spoken vocals. Lyrically your song is completely on point. I like this one. And now I need a tea!


Nice melancholy feel to this. I particularly like the first two lines of the Ch. Amazing accomplishment for one tiny hour's work!


The slow, uneven flow of the song sets an incredible melancholic feel. You painted a beautiful portrait of the the underbelly of the street at night.