I Like To Eat Cheese

by @splittybooms

Liner Notes

#silly #fun #synth_vox
(yeah yeah, i know...the synthvox is hard to understand, sorry)
I made this silliness because I'm hiding from other music that I'm SUPPOSED to be working on.
What am I even doing anymore


I like to eat cheese on my sandwich.
I like to eat cheese with my Manwich.
I like to eat cheese in buttered grits.
I like to eat cheese on top of Ritz.

I like to eat cheese
I like to


This reminds me so much of my Japanese exchange student son introducing his favorite vocaloids, Kagamine Rin & Len, to my daughter which led to a Hatsune Miku obsession. Many Halloween costumes and years later, here we are! I love it! Cheese and pickles are my favorite in a sandwich. This song had me nostalgic, Splitty!!! Sweet vibes.


Funnily enough I felt like a cheese sandwich yesterday. Didn't have any bread lol. Cool song, sweet and appealing. Fun, funky, catchy and lovely song.


Did you do a cat song during FAWM with this synthvox? Every once in a while the melody pops in my head from that and I don't know where I heard it. That synthvox is exactly what I remember though.


This is groovin’ little gem you’ve got stirring up here. I’m hearing some really nice moments…really, REALLY nice moments. I like cheese on a few things; not a lot, just a few. I keep coming back to the beginning though. Something about that bass line and drums…


Ridiculously entertaining genius 🧀


it's actually quite clever what you've done here. the synthvox is very hard to make out but I'd imagine without reading the lyrics people would be making up their own words or trying to guess it. The instrumental is great really bright and bouncy, like it!


A kIller groove - turning cheese into chilled out funk. The everything at once synth riffs are a peaceful robotic fury. Mix is tight - lots to love in this - the swing in the beat - bassline is booty moving - synth voice puts a big grin on my face! Thanks!


Cheese = best food ❤️
Really digging the retro vibe and the synthvox ! And when the chords come in, it gets so groovy 😀


I know many folks who agree with this robot. Also, a cheese-eating robot! I mean...this niche is gonna catch on. It kinda reminds me of 80's synth shopping muzak -- this might be my new soundtrack for when I eat cheese!


Behind the cheese related synthvox, there's a really good dance track - when the synths kick in at 30s this really takes off.


This slaps. I need to find where you’re hiding, they got cool shitake in there!thoughts on bleu cheese? Dang ur a master of the sonic arts. Goin for listen 2.


Strange and silly, yes, but still groovy and danceable. The perfect combination! :)


I like to listen to " I like to eat cheese'. It is nice to skip school and do crazy things.
Now it is time to get back to class...lol. A fun listen.