I Like My New Blue Green Bike

by @andygetch

Liner Notes

Sunday Skirmish August 14 2022 3PM EDT, 12PM PDT, 8PM BST


TAGS: #skirmish, #songskirmish,#S0814122, #bike
WHAT: We will have a one hour skirmish to write to a prompt.*
HOST: @corinnecurcio

I was going to sit this one out, then I saw the prompt and this song demanded to be written as the story is 100% true from this spring. Recorded #acoustic_one_take. Also my first #mandolin song of 5090 so #no_weird_chords. Maybe next one ;)


Mandolin [G][C][D] throughout except as noted

I like my new blue green bike
I like my new blue green bike
A smooth cruiser ride day and night
I like my new blue green bike

After the 12th broken spoke I knew it was time to go
To the local bike shop replace the old silver Schwinn commuter
I wanted a made to order a sun mountain
But deliveries were going too slow
Unless I wanted to wait a year to begin

Repeat chorus

So Diana orded a blue green Jamus crusier
Ari attached pannier mounts and fenders
Two months later I got a call for pickup
Walked to the store, rode it home a smiling
Now a new chapter begins

Repeat chorus

[C] Faux mountain bike tires
[D] Road noise that inspires
[Em] Ride in rain or shine
[D] Sing to the divine
Can't believe its really [G] mine

One more time
Repeat chorus


I'm liking the mandolin psychedelica.
I always appreciate that rhyming is not a priority and that the story takes precedence.
Catchy chorus.
Well done.


You beat me to the first mandolin song - and I knew you'd do the bike skirmish! (And I think I know the bike store you're singing about.)
Cool atmospheric effects on the folkiness. Good one, and totally you!


Nothing like a shiny new toy. Absolutely worthy of a song (or two). Mandolin sounds good through whatever that effect is that you use. Heard it yesterday too.


Great mandolin debut. The modulation and phasing on the vocal is super trippy and works well for the piece. The joy of getting a new bike is a timeless one... connects us as adults to our inner child... that's what the song reminds me of.


Love your true story, a bit jealous 'cause we sold our bikes before moving back to NYC, so using bike-share for now. Interesting descriptive lyric and good musical flow.


Amazing story and very interesting delivery, Andy. Bike upgrade song. Happy and uplifiting.


Nice one! Glad the prompt was perfect for you! Enjoy your bike!


I can picture this bike so well with your vivid descriptions! Love the little details! Cool sound on the strings and effects. Lovely!


I know that feeling, I love a bike upgrade, and that feeling of how everything seems so much better than the old bike.


I'm really digging the chorus.