Bossy Nova❤️

by @mandolinda

Liner Notes

On Sunday Skirmish August 7, I participated in a skirmish with
"DANCE" theme, hosted by @corinnecurcio. I had a lot of fun making that song, but got to thinking I could change it up and redo it. SO here is a very different take on the Dancing in the Moonlight idea. #cowcore
#mandolin #GarageBand #all_four_hooves_tapping


Bossy Nova

Cowmen Mooranda, the bossy MAMA
from Nova Scotia
caught the aroma
of the fresh clove'a
she walked over
she was in the mood
to dance with attidude
she started to dance
the dance of romance

the night was calm ( calm and bright)
she felt like dancin (in the moonlight)
so she just mooved (mooved herself)
to the pasture prancin' (Cowbell sound)

work is done, (another day in)
feeling drained, (now unrestrained)
it's such a warm night
with the moon shining bright

we can dance the bossy nova
dancin in the clover
until the night is over
dancin to the music that we love

ther'll be no sleepin'tonight
we'll dance the nnight away
dancin in the moonlig
dancing to the music we love

new cowbell sound

Mary Loo Moo was with her crew
playing games and laughing
the girls got a look at Cowmen dancing
and it got their hooves a tapping

and in a few minutes
the girls were all lined up
and Mary Loo took the lead
all right now
weight on your left
start with your right
out in out in 1 2 3 4
heel heel toe toe
heel toe heel toe
now grapevine right
grapevine left
turn it on

they were line dancing
in the moonlight
to their favorite song
while Cowmen was still dancing
all nigiht long
and the night was filled with joy
they had the night just to enjoy
dancing in the moonlight
till the wee hours of the morn


So good! This might be my favorite 50/90 song! 🙂


How much fun this is!!! Love the Latin bossa nova beat with the Canadian cowmen and the romancing and dancing under the moon , the cool cow bell, the moo-ing, the vocal layers. Really clever and delightful!!!


This is a very fun take on the prompt. The lyrics are clever and funny and I do love the addition of the moos and the cowbell, they round out the song quite nicely. Nice work!


Now and then I laughed out loud. Cute song! Love the "moo" in there. Nice cowbell rhythm!


I'm grinning from ear-to-ear while listening to this. It's fabulous, fun, and funny!