It is what it is

by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.


Everythings gonna be fine
It is what it is
What you want
What you get
Is not a religion
but better yet
It’s your life

Watching the picture drying
Crayons- all 48 colors
Remember the sun always smiling
in place

It is what it is
and this is my life

through all the highs and the lows
of the tears and the let go's
Build a new world with legos
all the new shoes
pretty dresses for new occasions
Now there are no new possessions
nothing new

Its just some days I get frustrated
With all the dreams I was making
Hoping that one day
they would come true

But now it’s just me and you
And you can't see me flying
Just sitting here, waiting with you
For the end to come: and it will ...come.

I have to let go
Of these fairy tale endings
In my head
No use in banging my head
against walls and windows
That was never mine to own
So-It is what it is


This feels resigned to reluctantly accepting change and letting go of old dreams. There are some slivers of hope as well. Tugs at the heart.