I have to let you go

by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.


I have to let you go
Put you down softly
Hoping you’re not noticing
How hard it is for me

You were my everything
My life source
My energy
But now I’m just checking my watch
Waiting for when we’re done conversationing
I guess it is a sure sign
That this is the end to everything

You know I build walls around me
Not letting anybody in
You know you loved me
until everyone of those bricks
came tumbling

And I was standing naked
No more pretending
And still you loved me
After every flaw you see
You are still all in

But look it is September,
I’m waiting for a new season called Spring
And you are changing your shorts for
Winter, homing in
You just know this wont work
Why did you pick someone
imperfect like me
to start romancing

And I can still feel the lifeline
The umbilical chord pulsating.
I am not ready to say it
Not ready to let go yet
This is not a happy ending
For you or me
But I know
I knew from the beginning
I have to let you go
And face what’s happening


Powerful in the sense of honesty, vulnerability, sadness, and knowing the inevitable but not being quite ready to fully embrace the end. Well written. It tugs at the heart. The statement about every brick tumbling down is powerful.