this morning I smelled cherry lollipops

by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

smelled lollipops in my bath today and that just made me remember growing up- with lollipops... e3specially the red ones


this morning I smelled cherry lollipops

this morning I smelled cherry lollipops
and thought of you and how you used to be
when you still had scraped knees from running too fast
and falling on the gravel
being the fastest on your bike
watching the dirt swirl out the bathtub

suck on the lollipop
until you cut your tongue
until you reach the sherbet inside
that bubbles up
until the stick comes loose
and the fun is complete
because that is just what lollipops do
and what lollipops do to you.

being on my tippytoes to pick the best one
from below the counter I can see the red and green ones
maybe that is why red is still my best color
it reminds me of paying with brown coins in sweaty fingers.

oh we owned the world
and the world started
when we opened our eyes
it was grass and trees and clouds
finding the shade on a sunny noon
at the end of the day
the stars were waiting
to twinkle with the Sandman coming soon