Smell the sunrise

by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

Lyricing around


smell the sunrise
feel proud of the new day
hear you music play
isn’t wonderful, isn’t it marvellous,
isn’t it what you live for?

touch the banner
see the crowd go wild
isn’t wonderful, isn’t it marvellous,
isn’t it what you came for?

born for a reason
shaped and matured
waited for so long
now your moment is here

taste the success
on the tip of your tongue
apples and strawberries
With a lemonade tang
you did your best
It’s time for the fest

people thought you were just talking a lot
working in vain for what you want
they all made suggestions
of giving it up
but they did not know
the dream stayed
is well
is carrying on….
you get up
every time
and go all the way
for what you want

it is not easy to do
not a walk on the sidewalk
more like grow through the cracks
of gravel and concrete walls
it is about trying once more
when you have fallen in the downpour
but look at you know
look how you’ve come this far!


Very insightful lyrics Marthie. I like the motivation feel in them.