The resurrection

by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

Bored in a restaurant- so writing lyrics…


In the headlights of your love
I feel vulnerable
But your kisses of butterfly wings
Makes me feel safe

I hear my heart come alive
resurrected from the shadowlands
Of tar roads and driveways
Into green meadows and flowing pastures

You are the music my ears perk up to
Your voice the call my souls sit in silence for
Searching the first erect hair on my skin
No sound can muffle the peace you bring.

Come drink me in
With honey and raisin bread
Apples sweet on your tongue
Closely lingering on your lips.
Together we are,
together we begin
Apart we are together
And together we are one.


I love all the sensual and sensory imagery in these beautiful lyrics. The tastes and textures are divine!