Musicians Need More Support Than Just Crumbs From Streaming

by @andygetch

Liner Notes

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THEME/TITLE: Time for a Short Commercial Break
Give yourself some recognition, give a plug to someone else who you admire, or comment on commercials in general, Have fun.
A bit preachy and a plug for my top ten dearest indie music friends. #acoustic_one_take #5-string banjo .


Verse 1
[Am] Once music was [G] free
[Am] Sung by every [G] family
[Bm] Then it became highly valued
[Am] Performed by a chosen [G] few

Chorus 1
[D] Buy their CD's
[C] Buy their merch
[B7] Buy their t-shirts
[A7] and wear them around
[G] Musicians need more support than just crumbs from streaming

Verse 2
[Am] Check my [G] influences
[Am] For the [G] sounds
[Bm] I would most like to remain
[Am] And to see [G] around
On their next tour

Bridge [C] [G] vamp
Terra Guitarra, Patchouli
Sarah McQuaid, Shawna Caspi
Mare Wakefield and Nomad, Friction Farm
Jess Klein, Becky Warren
Lara Herscovitch, Abbie Gardner
These are people I have traveled to see
Indies who know me personally

Repeat Chorus 1

Chorus 2
[D] Buy their art
[C] Buy their music
[B7] Pay for their lessons
[A7] If we want them to still be around
Musicians need more support than just crumbs from streaming


Amen to this. Preach!


You have such a great voice for these kinds of Americana message songs! Well done!


Good points all. Once you put this on TV, the dollars will start rolling in. I have a good feeling about it. ;)


Well done with this song, you expressed everything really well.


Your title is too good. Yeah, and definite truth in the statement you're making. I support what you're saying, and need to do more myself to support others. Thanks for the advice.


Like a lot. Truth in lyrics, and thank you for playing today.


1000% agreement. I hope your indie musician friends are flattered 😊


Indeed. So true. And I can’t imagine how my musician friends keep going sometimes! Important message!


Another true song from you. I support your sentiment. Cool take on the skirmish prompt, Andy.