Hazy Orange Moon

by @jacobeverettwallace

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

Song Tags: #superskirmish #skirmish #SS081322G #summermoon #needs_collab

This did not turn out the way I thought it would....haha, perhaps partially in part to watching a murder mystery while writing it. Just lyrics for now as it's pretty late. If somebody wants to cover this one, please let me know. I'm open to collabs!


Lyrics: @jacobeverettwallace

When I see the hazy orange moon
I know I'm going to think of you
And everything we used to do
When I feel the midnight breeze
I'll wonder if you're thinking of me
And all the ways we used to be
Before our last summer

Like a warning shot
It was the signal of our demise
Like a burial plot
It was the finale of our reprise
And ready or not
It was the start of our goodbyes
It was the last moon
Of our last summer
And our last lie

When I see the hazy orange moon
I know I'll remember the truth
About all the things we used to do
When I hear the crickets in the night
I'll ponder the meaning of our lives
And all the times that we cried
Before our last summer

The weight of our masquerades
Finally gave out
The height of our towering alibis
Finally gave up
The depth of our wretched deeds
Finally gave in

Only the shadowy gaze
Of a hazy orange moon
Knows about what I did to you


Very beautiful lyrics, full of imagery. I hope to hear them.


Some great lines in this and of course, as others have said, a really good title...


This is really good for a skirmish. The moon has been beautiful lately and hazy orange is a perfect description! I like how you use the verses to set us up with pretty images and then break it down in the choruses. 'The finale of our reprise' was especially poetic!


Quite a grim coda indeed. I like the way the lyrics slowly ratchet up the tension; the first verse seems to romantic, the things start feeling wrong in the chorus, and then the bridge makes us realize something is very wrong here indeed. Quite intriguing!


I don't usually comment on lyrics only but this is really strong. Although it's unlikely to be me that offers due to time constraints, my mind is going off, frantically reaching for genre / style / arrangement ideas that could do this justice.


I'm a big fan of mashing up multiple prompts and working within the overlaps and contrasts. I appreciate how the liner notes tipped me off to the backstory of why the song sections are woven together in such a manner. Thanks for hosting the skirmish!


Like the twist. Much more interesting than a plain hazy orange serenade. I was wondering whether removing the line “I'll wonder if you're thinking of me” might not add another level of depth. It reveals that the partner is alive. Without it, the coda would make us wonder whether the protagonist is singing about having killed their partner.


Love the chorus and a big plus for using masquerades! Very nice lyric! Thx for running the skirmish!