It's Her Birthday

by @mandolinda

Liner Notes

Time: SS081222B - August 12 - 12pm EDT (11am CDT, 9am PDT, 5pm BST, 6pm CEST, August 13: 2am AEST etc...) - Host: @ductapeguy

THEME/TITLE: #Telephone, #Television, #Radio
TAGS: #superskirmish, #songskirmish, ss081222b, #Telephone, #Television, #Radio #Mandolin
WHAT: We will have a one hour skirmish to write to a prompt.*
HOST: @ductapeguy

Sort of tying in to the first skirmish this morning. Life stories. I added the last verse after I finished what I had done in the hour. So bad edit, and over the hour.


she lived in one room
a small place she could call her own
it had space for a bed
where she could rest her head
wondering about what she could do instead

a transistor radio
and a small lamp sat beside her there
kept her from feeling empty
when she was lying there lonely
it was her she turned twenty

Did I bring all this misery with me
Was it worth leavin' home to come here?
I can't see a future beyond these four walls
and I can't just disappear.

She turns on the radio
and dials up something she can hear
and listens to her favorite show
playing hits she used to know
and gets dressed to go into the snow

and the songs on the radio
remind her of her ambitions in life
she came here to get ahead
making a life she could have instead
thinking her goals were somewhat misled.

stop feeling sorry, it's getting nowhere
gotta think beyond these four walls i have here
the choices are mine and mine alone
gotta stop worrying about the unknown

she gets her coat and hat
and turns off the radio
and she goes outside to conquer the town
going to work, she wont back down
and makes her way down town.


Well done for a skirmish! What a lonely person I wanna hug her. I wonder what happened to her?


Sad story of a very lonely person. Reminded me of "Most Peculiar Man" by Simon and Garfunkel.


Im gonna tell the skirmish police! Very good story lyric. Nice spacing allowing it to breathe!


Very cool take on the prompt. I can picture the whole story as well as connect with the feelings of the character. Love how the radio plays the role of motivating her to not give up on her dreams. Nice ending and great skirmish!


Through almost the first 2 verses I was thinking of an older person. Then when I found out show was 20 it slammed me. I was glad for the uplifting last verse. Excellent storytelling!


This is a terrific piece of writing, the first two verses in particular do a really nice job of pulling the listener in while the picture comes into focus. Great skirmish


So sad and melancholic, but with a spark of hope at the end.