Waiting for you at the end of the world

by @marthie


Waiting for you at the end of the world

V1. What will it feel like
when all we have left is the light inside
a candle of hope braving the storm
you will hold my hand, right?

V2. Why does the wind keep knocking
on our doors, shaking windows
I hear the howling coyotes outside
why is this a cold night?

PC: Tell me is this silence going to last forever?
Tell me is this noise in my head here to stay?

C: The day I met you
is when my time on Earth began
Everything spinning,
crazy emotions swirling
of feeling alive
daydreaming the future
make sense
I’m waiting for you
Yes, I will be there
at the world’s end.

B: I cried last night
We are getting along so well
And how do I say it
I'm so tired of it
Is this the price I pay
with every frustration
fighting all the other days
And my life is passing by


The bridge inserts a lot of ambiguity into this lyric. The end of the world is a personal thing, and we will end up facing it truly alone, though still, one hopes, with someone holding our hand as our world ends. One does get tired, true. A dark lyric Marthie, too mcuh for me at this point!