Burnt Tar and Gasoline (I know you still love me)

by @marthie

Liner Notes

ok I am trying to master the whisper song technique. I am sure if my heart could beat loader it could stand in for backing vocals. Not even the cat knows I am singing...


I know you still love me

V1: I wanted you to love me
cherish who I am, as I stand before you
I understand that you want to see through my actions that I care about you
but again and again I disappoint you

V2: but if I have to earn your love every time
and endure the tiptoeing around your needs
then I hate you, because everything inside me is tearing
because for you nothing I do is ever enough.
but again and again I disappoint you

Pc: My life is passing
and I'm discouraged
with bottles of wine
to which I cling for my comfort
I want to forgive you
about how you make me feel
helpless and useless
past tense

C: In the morning I smell your coffee offering
Taste how the moment passes
swimming in dishwater
and tar burnt gasoline
If I could just have a little more
of you and your time for me
we stay together for the sake of survival
we stay together because I know you still love me

B: because look how weathered we’ve grown together
but still I need you
come walk here beside me
then we’ll try again
brave the hurt
before the neighbors
clap about
what they are not understanding

Outtro: Because I know you still love me


Not to worry with the whispers, sounds fine. This is such a full-of-truth song, so many couples are in this quiet-desperation sake-of-survival situation. it seems to get worse with time. I guess none of us are taught properly how to maintain a loving and giving relation over decades. Some manage it regardless. Excellent work Marthie, and it's a totally right backing too. The whispers emphasise the real emotion, supercharge it. Wouldn't be the same sung normally.