Fly High

by @musicsongwriter @cindyrella @marthie

Liner Notes

Cindy posted on her beautiful, happy, uplifting lyrics and I was delighted when Cindy agreed I could compose music. Of course when I composed it and recorded my piano and vocal guide with the piano we had a missing singer. We were both delighted that Marthie was happy to sing this song. Thank you so much both, Cindy and Marthie. I'm very happy how our song came out.

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'Fly High'

I don't have to understand something fully
In order to never be a bully
Let others live however they choose
We have nothing to lose
And so much to gain

I can't pretend to know anyone completely
But I do try to act sweetly
Let others be any gender
And always be tender
It's not hard to be humane

Compassion and understanding is everything
Let anyone sing the songs they want to sing
Remind them that they have beautiful wings
So high

I don't care if it is simple or hard
But I'll try to be a lifeguard
Let anyone be a bright rainbow
And remember to show
Our best side

I can't know what journey someone's on
It's really their song
Let others go where they will
Let their lives be fulfilled
And be dignified

Repeat chorus

'Fly High' © 2022 Cindy Prince (lyrics), Nadia Cripps (music). Vocals Marthie Nel,
Piano: Nadia Cripps. Demo: Nadia Cripps and Marthie Nel.


This is so lovely! Great message and compassionate lines throughout... "I can't know what journey someone's on/It's really their song" insightful. The piano complements the sentiments beautifully and the vocal soars in all the right places to touch us all. I can see this performed on stage for sure! Great collab!


Well, I may have heard this song on Broadway or the West End but only in my dreams and here it is in reality...beautifully written, performed and sung...bravo!


OMG--my three favorite ladies (don't tell my other favorite ladies) in a collaboration!! I'm in 50/90 Heaven!! Have you 3 ever collaborated before? If so, can you direct me to any other songs. THIS IS SO, SO WONDERFUL!!!


Wow. Wow. Wow! This is a fine collaboration, ladies. Impressive work all the way around. Cindy's noble, heartfelt lyrics flow well with Nadia's piano expertise and then Marthie brings it to full bloom with her captivating vocals. This is absolutely beautiful.


Very nicely done all of you. Very much sounds like the slower meaningful in-between show tune. Excellent


Thank you both, Cindy and Marthie, yes I'd love to work together with both of you.


I'm so amazed by this! We need to work together more often! Thank you Marthie and Nadia!


Right team for the right song! The lyrics have some musical vibe and I love the vocal acting that nailed it. Thank you!


Wonderful collaboration! I really loved the message of the lyrics! Everyone nailed it on this one.


Wow 3 of my favorites working together on 1 collaboration!


i can hear julie andrews singing this song. or maybe somebody else in an updated version of mary poppins perhaps. but i love it as it is, with marthie singing cindys wise lytics to nadia's happy tune.