Pillows Party

by @phlex @asterix @bettyhammer

Liner Notes

We've started using #MIDI #synths after a long break from using anything MIDI related (like 15 years maybe). This is using the #NordLead 1 sequenced by a #Cirklon. There's 2 percussion tracks, 1 bass, and 1 (sorta) lead. Multitracked in lots of 2, and so sync maybe a little off, but seems ok. This is a song about a #kitten called Pillows. Also features Flossy on vocal.


It's a Pillows Party


What a blankety soft and warm synth....
It is indeed reminding of jumping and being hyper in my bed as a kid, and then when I've tired myself out, snuggling under my big huge comfy Ninja Turtle blanket and watching cartoons. That got me to thinking...i've never participated in a pillow fight... So, THAT'S where i went wrong in life! lol
You mentioned something about sync being off...I detect no flaws in this tracks.
Its such a flowing and moving track thanks to the drum programming, the swimmyness of the pad, the rhythmic randomness of the lead synth lines, the little subtle bubbliness you got going on underneath everything (is that the bass?), and of course the fun-loving vocals.
As always, loving you all's's's's sound.
This hits so many sweet spots in the ear.


I love the sound of the vocal. Such an innocent tone sounding so sweet. That deep bass is so darn active I can't help but feel the energy. Good sound all around.


Ah, such an appealing top synth line wandering around.
Love those vocals and lyrics; there should be many more songs about kittens.
Love "Pillows" as a cat name; mine is named "Doug".
Yeah, another really great one.
As @wolfkier said, I love what you folks do.


I love so much what you guys do. This is all kinds of fabulous. I don't know if you're on tiktok but sometihng like this with the right video might be good for 1M views! :)
Thanks for the trip! (again).