Gadgets and Chargers

by @jtsteam

Liner Notes

I used to travel a lot for work, although the last time was February 2020. I have to go away next week for the first time in ages, and, to be honest, it's a little bit scary.

I thought maybe writing a checklist of the things I had to remember, in the form of a #ukulele #folk song, might help a little bit. What have I forgotten I wonder? #fuc

I probably shouldn't worry too much, given that I'll mostly see the inside of a hotel. But gadgets and chargers are essential...

Thanks to for the airliner noise.

(Edit: slight tweak to the lyrics, but I didn't update the demo)

(Further edit: Now that I'm back from this trip, I have another thing to add to the checklist, because the first thing I did on arriving was to break my glasses in an impromptu bit of slapstick comedy involving a revolving door. So I'll take spares next time. Otherwise, I remembered everything...)


The world has changed so much since you last went abroad
So when you pack your bags and before you close the door
Like a good boy scout, you're going to need to be prepared
And check what you need to do before you go by air

You've got an electronic ticket, that's the modern way
But don't assume that it'll work when you get to the gate
Bring a thing to read for when you get delayed
And don't forget your gadgets and their chargers

What's the situation with the lurgy where you're going?
Have you had your jabs, are the numbers still growing?
And you'd better check the culture, and how you should behave
What you might think is normal, they might find depraved!

And there's always something you forget, you'd better make a note
For every day that you're away, you'll need a change of clothes
Don't forget your passport, and don't forget your phone
And all your other gadgets and their chargers

Will plastic be enough or will you need some foreign cash?
Have you remembered that you'll need a stack of masks?
And before you pack your suitcase, make sure you check the weather,
Do you bring your flip-flops or a jumper and umbrella?

You know the sun'll burn your face inside half an hour
And you always start sneezing if you see too many flowers
And by the way, you're always going to need a bit more power
So don't forget your gadgets and their chargers

Security cleared, the case in the hold,
Fasten your seatbelts we're ready to go

(Airliner solo)

Now you've made it overseas and all is going well
You've got past immigration and the baggage carousel
It's a pity you forgot to reserve a hotel
But at least you've got your gadgets and their chargers


Yeah used to be my life! Always need back ups. Lots to remember but you get really good at! Very nice observation. Good fun song.


I echo Sean; I wish you were coming to FKO. This a fun reminder that we are even more dependent on our gadgets now than pre-covid.


Great writing and I love the twist at the end. It's so specific with all the details that I always think of when I'm going on a trip. I always say that you always forget to pack one thing when travelling.


Please tell me that you are travelling to Toronto for FilKonTario because I would love to meet you in person. That is a very relatable, fun song.


I'm due to go into the office for the first time in about 4 weeks tomorrow. Just packed my rucksack a few minutes before listening to this but your song reminded me that I'll need to pack a mask. So thanks for writing this song for me :)