A Song With a Beat Like Feet on the Ground

by @cindyrella

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Liner Notes

#children'ssong #collaborations_welcome

This morning I read from my minister what her 6 year old daughter said yesterday. "But the earth was kind to me." I asked her how. She said the earth gave her a shell and a dead milkweed bug and a song with a beat like feet on the ground"


A Song With a Beat and Feet on the Ground
© 2022 Cindy Prince

Not a bad day
Just a few trials
A kind of good day
With a few smiles

A kind of mixed day
Both bad a good
But some dancing
In my neighborhood

The earth was kind to me
With a song with a beat like feet on the ground
A song that will make you twirl around
With many instruments and nature sounds
It's a song with a beat like feet on the ground

Who knows what bright things there will be tomorrow?
But I'll be showing my light either way
There may be both joy and sorrow
I'm so excited for a brand new day

A rain and rainbow day
Both wet and sunshine
A run and fun day
Ready to be mine

Repeat chorus


It's well structured but my take away is from V1 to V3 there is no real progression