Yellow Sun Record

by @sammiall

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

Being new here this year and trying to find my way around the site, I asked questions (when I could figure out what to ask – it was a lot to take in at first!) and read a lot of postings the first few days. Some discussions referenced the icons as randomly-selected, and I hadn’t really paid attention to them at all until I read someone laughing that they were a bass player whose assigned icon was a very unlikely instrument – maybe a bassoon? I love it that mine is a record, because I’ve been a passionate lover of vinyl since I was a kid (in the days of only records and eight-tracks), and I have never in my life been without a record player – don’t know how I could live that way. When it struck me that I also am very happy that it’s yellow, that line “and the record man said every one is a yellow Sun record from Nashville” went through my head and I thought “That’s what I am – a yellow Sun record from Nashville!” Nashville Cats is the first song I remember identifying as my favorite song (somewhere around four years old) – and I still have that 45 that I toted everywhere with me. We’re both a little worse for wear these days, but still playin’!

This song is still in the stages of “not fully organized” – got most of the lyrics together a week or two ago (started it on Day Fourteen, then kept adding off and on), but they – and their order – are not nailed down. Here’s where they are at right now. Thoughts/suggestions are very welcome!

The chords I’m playing with have that John Sebastian/Lovin’ Spoonful flavor, just trying to steer clear of hijacking melodic pieces, since that’s hard-wired into my brain on this one. Demo won't be this week - We are owned by show prep here, so I'll be able to get back to that next week!

Feeling thankful to the Powers That Be (or the Ghost in the Machine…or both!) that gave me the Yellow Sun Record icon!


Yellow Sun Record
~ Sammi ~

I am a Yellow Sun Record, who never made it to Nashville
Always wanted to go, no idea why

Bridge?(Not sure where it’s going):
The Golden City of Music and Light
A seat at the Bluebird, a friendlier night
Something about that dream was so right
But I never caught that train
And I wanted to hear Grant Turner _______ at the Ryman
Calling out my name_____ I’d be so glad I came_____

Verse 1
Jumped on board the 50-90 kinda late in this musical life
Feelin’ hopeful and a little bit scared, didn’t know what I might find
Or who’s gonna see me, calling me out, sayin’ that I don’t belong
And who’s gonna reach out and make it all better with a kind word for my song

Chorus or Refrain after each Verse?
Oh yes, I am a Yellow Sun Record, who never got to Nashville town
Typin’ my songs up and puttin’ ‘em out there, to share what I’m layin’ down

Verse 2
Suzie really talked a fabulous game convinced me that I oughta play
Really didn’t know I would find inspiration in so many different ways
Reading and listening, following Fawmers, collaboration fell into place
And in fourteen days this is Song Thirty-One, so I’ve found me a working space.

Verse 3
First few days I would follow the talk, didn’t know what a lot was about
Saw some complaints about icon assignment, didn’t matter anyhow
Until I looked close and saw that mine came right out of Nashville Cats
My first favorite record (I’ve still got it today), who gives you a sign like that?

I am a Yellow Sun Record, and this may not be Nashville
Always wanted to go, no idea why
But I’m glad I came_____ Think I’m gonna stay______

All rights reserved ©Sammi Allinder