Question: Did you find my marble?

by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.



Did you find my marble?
it was lying on the floor
I tried to catch it
but it rolled and rolled.

Did you see the my piggy
It ran away
it was here a minute ago
where it went I do not know.

If I asked you something
would you answer me today?
Do you really love me
or is it just something that you say?

The wind is blowing freely
aiming, tucking, passing through me
The sun shines hovers giving energy
goes down, comes up, waits just for me
and yet you stay
yet you stay


You never told me you lost it . By the way my great uncle was world marbles champion.

1946 19 April 7 Copthorne Sharpshooters Copthorne Spitfires Harry Langridge – –
1947 4 April 4 Copthorne Sharpshooters Crawley Tools Harry Langridge – Rain
1948 26 March 5 Copthorne Spitfires Copthorne Sharpshooters Harry Langridge – Fine
1949 15 April 6 Tinsley Green Tigers[29] Arundel Mullets[29] Harry Langridge –

Ha ha! Clever lyric! And appropriate for me.


Fun and memorable!


love this fun song. Think I found your marble I slipped on it and fell on my backside. Your Piggy is rolling in the Mud at mount park guest house I'll catch him and courier him via Pep