You were there

by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.


You were there

C: You were there when the darkness was coloring my veins black
you were there when the pain of breathing kept coming back
I pushed against the walls of life
trying to return of what I thought was my fight
but you freed me
when you believed in me.

V1. How could I have made it
through greedy shadows
peeling my skin
revealing all my flaws,
everything raw?

PC: . I was lost
I was broken
I was sad
Pain unspoken
You held my soul
your eyes behold
what I could not see within

V2. Why do I succumb to doubt
Gasp in suffering oxygen
poisin my heart
kidnap my smelly soul
eerie whistle whispering?

B: Mmm, mm
grateful you let the sunlight in
Mmm, mm
Opened all my window again
Oh let the fresh air in.


Really love this one! So full of emotion and gratitude for the support during a very dark time.


Wow is this up for collab..... would love a try? we usually work the othe way but I love this Lyric. Well done!!!