Clusters of Galaxies

by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.


Clusters of Galaxies

V1. remnants of gas,
dust and dark matter
Milky way, Solar systems
light years away
/across a distance
a system of stars
gravitate, bound
melting and freezing
yet I am here

PC1: It takes over two
hundred million years
for the sun to orbit
the center of the galaxy.
Fahrenheit, celsius
too close, too far
is it cold, is it hot?
spinning, spinnig

C: clusters of galaxies
clusters of dreams
The facts make me dizzy
dumb down the information, please
I want to understand
make sense of it all
what went on
what is real-
Of what is is gone now

V2. Studying astronomy
years wrinkle my face
An astronaut searching
alone in dark space
/use the moon
as a stepping stone
orbit the sun
and then simply continue on

Pc2: distant comets
phantoms on my phone
dwarfed yet magnified
wallpaper in my skull
/I’m lost with a telescope
in my room on my bed
can’t sleep over questions
I don’t understand

B: Do I build a bridge?
Do I cross the galactic wall?
Do I avoid hidden black holes?
Will living skies shed light?
Will I see it?
WIll I behold it?
the origins of what warped over time?


Reminds me of Pascals comments about the incomprehensibility of the very large and the very small. These are good lyrics grappling with the paradox of being, yet having apparent insignificance in the face of cosmic scale,