Mute, Block, Delete

by @deylavey

Liner Notes

Demo is vocals only atm. Volume warning. It’s just an iPhone recording

When I send a risky text or I’m on rocky terms with a former flame, I just mute them or make it so that the notifications don’t just randomly pop up on my screen. In bad cases, you block or delete them completely. So here’s a song about that ;)

Would love to collab on tightening/adding to the lyrics and getting an instrumental going.

#needs_music #needs_instrumental #needs_collab


Mute, block, delete
You cannot reach me
You don’t get to walk in and out of my life
On your own time

Mute, Block, Delete
You won’t disrupt my peace
I read what I wanna read
When I’m ready

Mute, Block, Delete
You’ve still got a hold on me
So until my heart is free,
Mute, Block, Delete


You have a beautiful voice. And you are writing some nice lyrics here. Have you thought about signing up for some of the #Random_Collaborations. Instrumentalists might find you there, if you are interested. Also, I find the more I listen and comment to others, the more they listen and comment on my songs. This is a very helpful group of people who want to see you succeed. This is my second year, and I am now making some music, that I never would have dreamed of, two years ago. Ask questions in the forums if you want some assistance in any way.