Street music

by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

Inside or outside music
In-group or out-group
I’m in the business of sulking tonight
And I’m having sooo much fun
Thank you very much!


Street music

I wanted to sing for you
A beautiful song
You stood in the doorway
And then walked on

I wanted to reach out
Wave, share a smile
You ducked behind a pillar
Or did you not recognize me?

How easy to pretend
To shake your head
To change back to strangers
Forget what we shared

It’s holy: the spaces
and silence between us
The void keeps on throbbing
Begging forgiveness

Street music will carry
the love and the tune
To the music we made
When I still understood you


Very nice! I can't keep keep up with comments on yours!