Losers don’t cry

by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.


Losers dont cry

Losers dont cry forever
they courageously get up
Because they are used to falling
They know the next blow is coming

be ready to sacrifice your teeth for what you want
No blisters, no scars can prepare you more for the victory than this day
When you are on the floor facing the ground
Aint the view from the top worth the effort of crawling on your knees until you’ve scraped against every nerve ending?

This is not the time to give up
When you’ve smelled how it burns
It’s not over, you still have fire in you
You can die but be sure there will be no parade around the dreamed that you are parking
If it is pulsing, alive there is no other option than for you to get up and carry on.

Dont let anybody tell you
You’re not good enough
They havent felt the way you feel
That aching breath that you take every day
To prepare you
To step into your destiny
A fish in the water- always knowing it was meant for swimming
Upstream or downstream - its moving and building the muscle
Do you think grit comes that easy?
I mean how many times are you ready to give it more than you’ve got?

Hold on to the assurance of knowing you’re hear for a reason
It might be vision stuck behind a cloud
Or it’s too early to say
But walk the way you know somebody is watching
Following your steps and imitating the hero in making
Losers don’t cry long
Because the warrior inside is ready to always carry on


Beautiful lyrics and thoughts. I hope to hear your song, Marthie.