by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

Nell is saying goodbye tonight to her best high school friend leaving for Scotland tonight to study. Wow! That just makes me sad. How do you say goodbye with a bond so strong?



V1: We’ve reached the crossroads
And you know neither of us
can turn back now
The road has become to familiar
And we must make this gravel and dust our own

V2: We’ve been waiting for this day to come
Where we’ll be laughing and jump when our hearts hurt
Can’t follow you and protect you the same
Be the comfort and blanket you feel around your shoulders when it rains
We must follow the path to become a woman, a man

PC: Even when the sun is beating down
And the sweat off your brow prevents you from seeing clearly
I know your heart is pure gold
You I treasure and forever hold.

Ch: Dont you forget us
And they way that we were
Knitted together
Intertwined like lovers
Forget all our secrets you heard
It’s what the years will cover
Remember the way we were

B: Don’t look back
Just know we are strong
It doesnt matter the courage you lack
The way we grew up and belonged to each other is al you gonna need
To recognize me


Also very beautiful lyrics. You have very distinctive style and interesting story telling way in your lyrics. Hope to hear your songs when you get the chance to record them.